Absolute VG-SR HEPA (Camfil SafeRange Product)

  • Camfil SafeRange™ product series specifically designed for shooting range applications

  • Plastic frame. no metal parts, lightweight, easily disposed of with a crushable and incinerable frame.

  • High filter surface area offers low pressure drop for energy savings and longer life.

  • Airflow capabilities up to 2400 cfm.


Description: High capacity HEPA/ULPA grade filter in an all-plastic enclosing frame with pouredin-place sealing gasket.


Typical Applications:

Indoor firing ranges in side access housings or built-up banks. Efficiency: 99.97% at 0.3 micron.



High dust holding capacity microfine glass media formed into individual mini-pleat media packs and assembled into a V-bank filter configuration.

For more information about Absolute VG-SR. Part of the SafeRange Series of Camfil Products