• Hazardous Waste disposal of Range materials:

    • Assistance in completing paperwork for disposal of HAZMAT including:

      • Application for EPA ID number.

      • Application for site approval.

      • Manifest for transportation.


  • Packing hazardous materials for transportation and disposal.

  • Managing the disposal of hazardous waste generated by the range.

    • Submitting application for EPA ID number.

    • Submitting site approval application with the Hazardous Waste Facility.

    • Packing hazardous materials for transportation and disposal.

      • Using EPA/DOT approved containers for hazardous waste disposal

      • Properly labeling all hazardous waste materials.
        o Setting up transportation of hazardous waste disposal site
        o Ensuring all documentation of hazardous waste disposal is provided to the range.


  • OSHA compliance assistance:

    • OSHA training, preparation, technical evaluation of regulatory inspections, file reviews, etc.

    • Health and safety program development

    • Lead compliance programs, respirator protection programs and training


  • Lead consultation, testing, and training:

    • We provide soil, air, and water testing & analysis, and we de-lead, treat and chemically fixate
      soils, sands, and rock; and we can fully reconstruct berms as well as skeet and trap fields to site

    • Sampling for indoor air quality, permissible exposure limit testing, & personal monitoring

    • All types of wipe, soil, core, & water sampling