En. Range Inc. is an established and specialized firm that provides cleaning / maintenance / environmental services Nationwide for all types of Gun Ranges – Indoor / Outdoor / Skeet & Trap.

At En. Range, Inc., our customers can focus on building profitable businesses, while we minimize & manage the costs and risks associated with regulatory compliance with our complete solution packages. We offer custom environmental and maintenance service packages that will fit the needs of your range. We also assist by providing training, education, consulting, and regulatory compliance assistance. We are fully licensed and insured lead abatement and HAZMAT contractors protecting our customers from the significant liabilities and health risks associated with lead removal and other maintenance activities.

We have been contributing editors for numerous state Best Management Practices (BMP) documents and instrumental in pioneering new techniques and processes to effectively remove lead and other heavy metals from all types of soils and materials.


En. Range Inc. is one of only a handful of licensed and insured companies in the U.S. that exclusively serves gun ranges: indoor and outdoor, public, police, military and private gun ranges. We operate in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and all applicable county, city, state and federal guidelines and regulations. 


​En. Range, Inc. has our own fleet of state-of-the-art, custom built, high speed trommel and high frequency vibratory screening plants; pneumatic separation units specially designed for lead separation and removal; as well as our own fleet of trucks and heavy equipment.

Today we have grown to 20+ employees nationwide, with three or more crews operating in different areas of the county simultaneously. 

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